About us

There is a new chapter in the Hungarian gay nightlife. On November 15, the hottest and ultra exclusive permanent gay club in Budapest, the SCORE CLUB, opened its doors. It is a new, high-energy place, which will be „THE CLUB”.

We wanted to create a fresh spot in the gay nightlife, which combines the experiences of the previous gay night clubs and the occasional grand parties. The goal was to make a world class gay club with special welcoming atmosphere. All the senses are targeted:  top-of-the-line sound and lighting system mesmerizes eyes and ears, signature “SCORE Scent” fills the air, the best drinks and cocktails are created by our cute bartenders, and if you get lucky you may end up touching someone.

The SCORE CLUB is located above the street level. The two floors of striking architectural design and lavish décor set the stage for the ultimate gay nightlife experience. It satisfies all the needs:  high impressive ceilings, exciting dance floor, several beautifully designed bars with the most good looking bartenders, and designated VIP areas.  Score features a variety of music styles, theme parties, and spectacular special events.

Top DJs and internationally acclaimed artists will regularly take the spotlight. The Star of the opening party was Ultra Nate whose name is marked with her unforgettable hits like Free, If You Could Read My Mind (Studio 54), and Automatic.

The SCORE, where everybody can be himself, is waiting for YOU! See you on the dance floor…